Complete Guide To Recovery From Covid 19

Recovering from COVID 19 Complications? Here are some insightful tips on how to manage your health post-Covid 19 recovery. Checkout the blog for more details!

Covid 19 is a debilitating disease. If you have just recovered from Covid 19, congratulations, you indeed have put up an intense fight. However, it is wise not to put your guards down anytime soon.

Complete Guide To Recovery From Covid 19

Several instances have come forth where the recently recovered corona patients have shown symptoms of multiple health complications post-recovery. These include the development of black fungal infection, kidney and liver complications, heart issues leading to failure in some cases. The fact was reiterated in a study by the Journal Nature, suggesting that individuals with more severe disease at the start of their illness have a greater risk of long-term complications such as heart and kidney disease secondary to COVID-19 and lets discuss which Health Insurance is good

Not just the body, Covid 19 can have detrimental impacts on your mental health. Clinical assessments, based in Italy and Spain in 2020, found that about half of the recovered patients of COVID needed post-op checking and assistance for neurological and psychiatric conditions. Women are at risk of getting mental health disorders in particular.

The virus mutates itself and possesses the capability of leaving a lasting impact even after recovery. Continuous breath shortage, chest pain, respiratory problems, recurrence of fever, exhaustion, aching joints or muscles, and standing dizzy are some of the warning signs of persistent Covid issues.

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Therefore, it is critical to maintain a check on your daily routine and adopt a sustainable and safe lifestyle that helps you recover faster while keeping you away from any further complications in the long run.

Below are some insightful tips on how to manage your health post-Covid 19 recovery:

Maintaining Covid Appropriate Behavior

Yes, you have recovered, but as discussed before, you have to be alert to protect yourself from recurrence of the disease. Your body does develop antibodies to fight the Covid 19 conditions, but the powerful mutating qualities of the virus strike back in more dangerous and lethal forms as it returns. Hence, practicing physical distancing, sanitizing hands regularly, and using double face masking will keep you away from possible further vulnerabilities.

Managing fatigue

Your body has just fought a virus that took millions of lives on the planet. Hence, fatigue is expected and must be taken care of. Taking regular breaks from work will give your body the required time to rejuvenate. Ensuring proper sleep of 6-8 hours every day will keep your daily bodily functions in check.

Managing cough

Covid 19 can leave you coughing for a long time. And you know how painful it has been on your throat. Now is the time to heal it. Drink plenty of warm water. Steam inhalation can help with dry and productive coughs by removing the phlegm accumulated in the lungs and throat. To make it easier to move phlegm, lie on your left or right side than on your back. Gargles with salt water or Betadine are also helpful in relieving sore throats.

Diet and Nutrition

You have spent immense energy and bodily nutrients to win your battle against Covid. Hence, this is the time to renourish your body. Eating balanced, nutritious meals is crucial. Your nutrient intake will be more diverse if you fill your plate with colorful veggies and fruits. Proteins are responsible for bodily repair, so eat plenty of them (lentils, eggs, soy, chicken stew, seeds, almonds). Good nutrition will impart strength and immunity.

Physical Activity

Exercise trains your muscles to become stronger while helping your body flush out toxins with sweating. Moderate exercise combined with a balanced diet is a time-tested remedy that takes you a long way in your health recovery journey. For the first two weeks, take it easy and walk every day for 10 minutes. Deep breathing activities should be practiced, such as pranayama and balloon blowing. Take as many breaks as necessary. Increase your training intensity to 30 minutes, five days a week gradually after the symptoms have significantly decreased. Reading books or playing games requiring mental exercise, like chess, help you train your mind.


Relaxation is essential. A relaxed body means a relaxed mind. Mediation and yoga, or just deep breathing once in a while, will help you release tension off various parts of the body and keep you grounded. It essentially helps as a stress-buster and brings you to the current moment, instilling a calm state of mind.

Now that we have looked at the critical steps towards a faster recovery let’s discuss some of the key pointers you must refrain from when trying to keep yourself safe and healthy from Covid 19:

No Smoking

Covid 19 adversely impacts the lungs. If you have just recovered from Covid 19, your lungs have already taken a lot of tolls. Refraining from smoking is essential to ensure proper lung recovery

Reducing Screen Time

Regulating screen time and keeping it minimal will ensure proper rest and recovery. Avoid using mobile screens during the night, especially 2-3 hours before bedtime.

Avoid Alcohol

Alcohol is an immunosuppressant and makes your body more vulnerable to diseases. Alcohol should be avoided altogether.

No physical or mental exertion

Our busy lifestyles have trained us to operate at very high capacities. But it is essential to understand that the body and mind, under stress, become weaker and vulnerable. Any physical activity that causes you to feel dizzy should be avoided. Wait until your symptoms have reduced for seven days before returning to your routine.

Also, make sure you can get an oxygen cylinder in case of an emergency. Allow the epidemic to serve as a catalyst for you to begin living a healthier lifestyle.

The Covid 19 crisis has impacted numerous families across the globe and severely affected their physical and financial health. As doctors worldwide continue to fight the battle against the pandemic, It is the need of the hour for you to safeguard your health and your loved ones. There has not been a time more crucial for investing in a health insurance policy.

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