Safe Driving Tips: 6 Important Road Safety Rules

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Excitement has no limits when you ride with your friends. But safe riding ensures that you have more such blissful times with your friends and family.

Safe Driving Tips: 6 Important Road Safety Rules

For the year 2019, a total number of 449,002 road accidents took place in India, leading to 151,113 deaths and 451,361 injuries. It is crucial to be safe while riding to keep you and your family from dancing trauma. Let’s discuss at some of the tops which can improve your riding experience and protect you from any accidents and which two wheeler insurance will help you stay safe:

Wear a helmet

This is probably the 1000th time you are listening to this advice. Helmets are designed to protect us from life-altering injuries. A strong helmet is hence advisable whenever going for a ride. Invest in a safety helmet that has ISI approval. Make sure your helmet covers your face, particularly your jaw. It is imperative that passengers on the back of the motorcycle wear a helmet, regardless of whether they are riding solo or with a friend. Additionally, it is now required in India for the motorcycle rider and his passenger to wear a helmet.

Be Visible

Attempt to increase your chances of being seen by larger cars. Put on colourful clothes or a brightly coloured helmet. To increase your visibility, use reflective bands over your helmet or bright-colored helmets.To be safe during the night time, it's vital that you stay clear from other vehicles' blind spots. A third technique to ensure that you're visible is to always leave your headlights on, even in the daylight. Also, installing brake lights and tail lights can be a big benefit during night time rides.

Wear Protective Gear

It is absolutely essential to wear the right protective gear (such as elbow pads, coats, etc.). . In the summer, it will almost certainly get really warm, but it's best to be cautious than regretful. In order to save money and minimise future expenses, it is essential to have all of your riding gear on weile getting out. Girls should be careful not to have their dupattas/stoles caught in the wheels of two-wheelers because it could result in serious harm.

Check your bike before you ride

Regular maintenance helps keep your bike in shape over time. Go over everything twice before every trip. It's crucial to regularly check everything under the hood: brakes, air pressure, tyre condition, horn, clutch, lights, suspension, and much more. A working bike will keep you out of accidents and save you money on gas. Additionally, make sure to get your motorcycle serviced from a recognised service centre on a regular basis.

Follow the rules

Let's keep breaking the traffic rules for an action Hindi film. Riders around you will be able to see your next move if you signal your intentions ahead of time and explicitly. Don't slam on the brakes and keep the switch short. It's incredibly dangerous to get behind the wheel after you've been drinking. It is also important to drive slower and to refrain from overtaking. You may be short on time, but only your bike can be replaced, your life cannot.

Buy a two-wheeler insurance

It is mandatory in India to have a third-party two-wheeler insurance policy. Two-wheeler insurance is an ideal option. Property damage or loss after an accident will be compensated for by comprehensive two-wheeler insurance and you will be protected from losing money. It's vital that you promptly renew your bike insurance when your previous coverage ends. Get a bike insurance renewal done to save yourself from getting financially burnt. Coverfox provides two wheeler insurance online providing you with the best bike insurance policy and smooth customer support. It allows you to avail the best bike insurance online in no time.

Having a two-wheeler comes with great responsibility. Not just the responsibility of other riders, but the responsibility of self. Following these basic rules and getting insurance is the best gift you can give your bike.

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