Why is a Personal accident claim rejected if the bike is above 150cc?

A bike exceeding 150cc will be getting a refusal on a personal accident claim. To know more, check out the latest news on this non-acceptance.

If you own a bike or bike insurance policy, what you read ahead is going to be important.

Why is a Personal accident claim rejected if the bike is above 150cc?

A comprehensive Two Wheeler insurance policy is the best protection you can give yourself from road accidents, theft or natural calamities. A third-party insurance, which is mandatory in India protects you from any liability arising from the third-party in case of an accident. But with comprehensive bike insurance, you and your vehicle get security from liability arising in case of such incidents.

However, if your bike has an engine of more than 150cc, then the bike insurance company may reject your claim, in accordance with your bike insurance policy. In one of the recent incidents in Ludhiana, the insurance company denied the claims of the insured under Clause 8 of his bike insurance policy which explicitly stated that Personal accident claim for bodily injuries shall not be accepted in case of the owner riding a scooter or bike of more than 150cc. In this case, the bike had an engine of more than 300cc.

The insurance company denied the road accident claim on the grounds that it exceeded the engine parameters, which were greater than 150cc. Such mistakes arise when the policyholder overlooks the details of the clauses in the contract leading to complications in the later part of the claim settlement process.

As we emphasise again and again because we care about your time and investment, it is essential to go through each and every single detail of the insurance contract. Many bike insurance companies are still implementing an old rule that prohibits them from covering personal accident claims involving motorcycles with engines larger than 150cc. Customers who purchase any sort of accident insurance should review their policy documents and consider switching to a different plan at the time of renewal.

It is crucial to ensure that the policy meets your requirements, keeping in consideration the various factors that make a sustainable bike insurance policy. If you buy policies from an agent, ensure that he discloses and helps you understand each and every clause in its entirety. The claim-settlement process, ratio and customer reviews can give you a good insight into the competence of the bike insurance company.

When you buy comprehensive bike insurance with Coverfox, you reduce chances of such errors. Our expert customer care team guides you through the details of the insurance policies offered by some of the top bike insurance companies in India. Alongside, you can compare two wheeler insurance online, which enables you to draw precise conclusions and allows you to buy the best policy for you.

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